2014 RATES

A. MINIMUM STAY For Holidays:
1. Week of July 4th, MINIMUM STAY, 5 days
2. Labor Day Weekend, MINIMUM STAY, 3 days
3. All other Weekends, MINIMUM STAY, 2 days
B. FAMILY RATE: Includes husband, wife and children under 18 camping in no more than 2 tents or 1 RV and 1 tent on one lot. NO MORE than 2 cars may be parked on a campsite.
C. WEEKLY RATE: Pay for 6 days and get the 7th day FREE, paid on arrival. No refunds on weekly rates.

D. RESERVATION FEE. A $20.00 non-refundable fee is charged to make a reservation which will applied toward the campsite rent on arrival.

2014 RATES: Weekends:
For stays less than 4 days including a weekend, an additional $5.00 will be charged for Friday and Saturday on all lots. For stays 4 days or more the rates published below are charged for Monday through Sunday.

(Monday through Thursday)
1. $30.00 Tent site, two people with No electric or water, (Weekly $180.00) When electric is available. $3.00 additional per day (Weekly $198.00)
2. $32.00 Tent site, Family rate with No electric or water. (Weekly $192.00) When electric is available. $3.00 additional per day (Weekly $210.00)
3. $38.00 Full hook-up RV site / cable TV, Two adults per campsite. (Weekly $228.00)
4. $40.00 Full hook-up RV site / cable TV, Family rate. (Weekly $240.00)
5. $10.00 Extra adult, (Maximum 4 adults and 2 children per site except families)
6. $3.00 Dog charge per day. (Weekly $18.00)

1. $850.00 for (30 days) for a couple or family on a full hook-up site with cable TV included. Metered electric is charged extra.
2. $595.00, Tent site without electric.
3. $650.00, Tent site with electric.
4. $65.00, Dog charge per month.
No refunds on monthly campsites.

GROUP CAMPS: Holiday weekends, during the month of July and the first two weeks of August, reservations are limited to four lots when available.

VEHICLE PARKING: limited to 2 cars, pickups or motorcycles or combination there of per campsite. Additional vehicles must be parked in a designated area assigned by the office and will be charged $5.00 per day.

LARGE VEHICLES: Boats and other oversized secondary vehicles too large to fit on a campsite MUST be parked in the storage lot. This is a non fenced area of the park bring locks to secure items,.

LONG TERM STORAGE RATE: $15.00 per month and limited to a boat, boat trailer, travel trailer, motorhome, utility trailer or recreational vehicle. The storage lot is available only during the months May through October, NO year around storage.

All rates are subject to change.

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